Wargames Illustrated 359

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Wargames Illustrated 359

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Observation Post:

Spoilt for choice, we take a look at a selection of the myriad of products that are new or upcoming.

Theme: Gats, Gals And Green Gripping Hands

Just what is pulp and where can we leap upon this careering mine wagon of a genre? Howard Whitehouse steps into the limelight to investigate and enlighten.

The Wars of James II Part 2

The second part of Simon McDowall’s look at the wars of James II focuses upon the so-called Battle of the Dunes.

Theme: Pulp Alley – The City of Serpents

A suitable scenario for tough guys and dangerous dames set within a city full of the most devious of creatures.

Show Report: Partizan 2017

This year’s demo game offerings at the Partizan wargames show were exceptional! But don’t take our word for it...

Theme: Why I Love Pulp

Purveyor and owner of Pulp Miniatures Bob Murch shares his personal reasons for loving the wacky world of pulp in all its enduring glory.

Rules Showcase: Dracula’s America – Shadows of The Old West

We take a mosey down the main street of a Wild West town in this new rulebook, which delivers both standard and Weird versions of the genre.

Theme: Mad Maximillian

In a society where things took a dramatic turn for the worst, 1930s era vehicles are armed, armoured and taken onto the roads by warriors desperate to survive.

Why I Love: Donnybrook

A fan outlines the best parts of these skirmish level rules, complete with applications that perhaps cross over into the pure pulp genre.

Theme: Liftwood

Robert Giglio provides some wargaming ideas for using your 19th Century troops on the Mars created by the Space:1889 roleplaying game.

Eventing for Gamers

Dom Sore discusses the finer points of running two events at his local club.

Theme: Painting Pulp

Dave Taylor provides some painting advice for those looking to give their miniatures a pulp-tastic polish.

For the Want of a Nail

Just how can we deal with the issue of logistics in our gaming. What are the potential effects on our tabletop armies?

Theme: Monkeys, Mini Coopers, Mrs Langley And Friends

Just what happened during one of our latest WI gaming days? Photos and extracts from the full story.

Designer’s Notes: Campaign – New Guinea

Mark Barber, author of this Bolt Action supplement, explains its contents and how he managed to recreate this chapter from the Pacific War.

Squalid? I Can Do Squalid

Nick Buxey discusses his efforts to re-produce the more, er, down market buildings of a certain period.

Bringing Wargaming To the Classroom

The HMGS makes sterling efforts to promote our hobby across the USA. Their latest efforts involve young people within the school system.

...and much more!

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